Balancing on the precarious rope of life!

This photo illustrates the love and support of two grandparents with their amazing, resilient, bubbly and gorgeous three daughters and their respective families. These three sisters share a bond and friendship, strengthened through their life experiences and held together with the incredible love and support of their parents.

Every element is crafted intentionally to illustrate what this family represents and their beautiful relationships; the rope appears easy to hold up...symbolising that these two grandparents have this family thing under control!

The butterfly represents the tiny baby this family lost at birth; their tiny angel. Then there is the family with their two super boys, who keep their lives filled with crazy happiness, fun and laughter. And their sister in the middle, balancing very well on this precarious rope of life...yes, she really does ride a unicycle!! There was no shopping trip to style this shoot...each family member wore their own clothes, and included items that were typical of each of them; it was very important they each felt comfortable to be themselves.

Constructed from 8 individual photos then edited in black and white creates a focus on the emotions they share and the stories being revealed rather than any distracting elements brought to attention in colour.

This photo won a Silver Distinction at the 2019 AIPP NSW State Awards, a Gold Award at the 2019 AIPP APPA Awards, was awarded 3rd Place for the Family category in the 2019 RISE International Awards. It was one of my four entries that earned me the honour of Finalist at the 2019 AIPP NSW State Awards and ultimately won 2019 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year.

Creating these photos brings so much happiness to those I create them for and also to me. It is so wonderful to have these opportunities to push the boundaries and create images that tell unique and personal stories beyond regular family portraits!

Enormous thanks to Olympus AU & NZ for making this one possible.

What will your story be?!


2019 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year

2017 AIPP NSW Family Photographer of the Year