Naomi Reiter announced 2019 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year

AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year

Wow, where to start!

This journey has been none other than incredible. I woke the following morning to a welcome reality that last night wasn't just a dream. I'm writing this still in disbelief with shaking hands and quite a few happy tears dripping on my keyboard.

This could be a long post, but as this title win was a complete surprise, I felt my short ad-hoc speech had some holes to fill.

This year has been laced with some scary health and business challenges and I've spent much of it in a place best avoided. Beside me though I have had a truly wonderful support crew who are deserving of more words than I can articulate and endless love and hugs.

To my husband, George, I know you are always there, always supporting me (matched with a little frustration when Awards time comes around)...I promise I'll fold the washing tomorrow...or maybe the day after... 🤭😘 Massive hugs and a huge thank you to my Mum who over the last week has babysat, done last minute school-pick-ups plus tidying, washing, dinner and looked after our 3 boys, often with little warning...sorry Mum 😘 Huge thanks to two wonderful friends for delivering our boys to school on the early mornings and helping with pickups.

Matthew Vasilescu and Marina Zivkovic, you two are the most beautiful humans and divine friends. Together we three have cheered and cried for/with each other throughout this whole photographic journey for several years now and I know this is just the beginning for all of us. Thank you both so much, I may have bailed long ago without you along on the ride.

To our NSW Council team; I am so proud to be a part of our little state machine, you are all fantastic and unbelievably talented! Massive congratulations to Jodie Andrews who won the Newborn category, Marina Zivkovic who was a finalist in the Book category and Matthew Vasilescu who won Highest Scoring print in Commercial, not to mention a collection of Gold and Silver Distinctions for Melanie Birt and Peter Sharp...not too shabby!

A massive thank you to the Olympus team for your support of the AIPP and to me over the last 12 months, lending me some amazing Olympus AU & NZ gear and the opportunity to shoot outside my usual client base. I couldn't be prouder to be able to say my 1st ever APPA Gold was not only shot on an Olympus EM-1X, but in the Olympus studio!

Photomart have been absolutely wonderful yet again helping me with printing and matting and delivering exceptionally beautiful prints as always. Thank you guys, you are seriously wonderful!

Kayell Australia have been in fine form as an AIPP sponsor, I've hired lighting from them and utilised their genius printing knowledge to get a couple of these entries sorted, including reprinting at the 11th hour for me after a little damage occurred whilst I was matting the prints, printed on Canson paper of course. 😄

EVERY single member of the tireless Events and Awards teams and especially our incredible vollies. You are all truly wonderful. Out the back amidst our hive of activity, we have worked, laughed, cried, hugged and celebrated well earned victories like there is no tomorrow! You guys all ROCK and I can't wait to be out there with you all over again next year.

A couple of 'firsts' for me this year...First APPA Gold and first time scribing at APPA, thank you Robyn Campbell for that fantastic opportunity...I'm there again next year (if you'll have me)!!

Huge congratulations to all the category winners and Matt Palmer for taking out the top gong of 2019 AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year. Sharing that stage with you all was totally humbling.

The firm friendships I have formed within our AIPP Community are truly wonderful, I am so humbled to have got to know so many of you. Every one of you who has been a part of this with me and I am a better person for knowing and sharing this with each of you. You are what makes our photographic industry so damn awesome.

Every judge who gave their valuable feedback to my prints, thank you so much. Sometimes critique is hard to hear, but that brings growth and if it didn't hurt just a little it wouldn't light the fire in my belly to improve. 😉

Also a massive thank you to all my clients, as without them I wouldn't be able to visualise their stories and create these images.

Thank you everyone! #bestappaever