Strength and Fragility


This photo is an illustration of the strength of the heart and the fragility of the mind.

This delicate subject faces away from the viewer. She has a serene expression of peace and calmness, appearing that she is in control, however just a single tear rolls down her cheek, the tiniest reveal; a glimpse into her fragility and pain.

Her character is peaceful and kind. She is generous of spirit, caring and thoughtful. She has a laugh that brings sunshine to a night-filled darkness. But she is fragile, too young to be challenging demons of the mind.

Kids have been cruel. She has been tormented and bullied. She has pleaded to be left alone, but still they mock, laughing when her spirit falls. She longs for safety in her moment of darkness. But, she is not alone. There is a strength in her life. She has a loving family and beautiful animals who give her the acknowledgement that she is enough. She IS enough, she just needs the strength to believe it.

One of this family's animals is this beautiful horse, he is a handsome Thoroughbred and ex-racehorse; powerful and tall, strong yet gentle. He stands behind supporting her remaining resolute and calm. His warm breath on her brings reassures her he has her back. He acknowledges looking to the viewer that he is her strength and she will get through this tough time.

The juxtaposition of the horse's dark strength facing forward to his human sister's pale fragile profile deepens this illustration of strength and fragility.

It is a powerful story.

Captured in single capture in the horse's paddock shelter using Canon 5DIII with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens and lit with two off-camera speed-light flashes.