Butterflies For Mia

Earlier this year I had the great privilege of creating a piece of artwork telling one family's heartbreaking story of stillbirth and the celebration of life as they anticipated the birth of their second baby.

Butterflies for Mia | ©2019 Naomi Reiter Photography

Butterflies for Mia | ©2019 Naomi Reiter Photography

This little family have held so much strength to keep their little angel's spirit alive while also celebrating and cherishing the new life of her little brother. He will grow up knowing his sister will always remain close to his heart and share in his existence as he travels through life.

This series of three images; a triptych, starts with a single white butterfly that represents the spirit of their first little one, gently waiting; delicate and reassuring. It is also one of the four photos for which I was awarded the recent 2019 AIPP Australian Family Photogapher of the Year title.

The centre image is their angel's urn with the white butterfly. This is an image that illustrates both the heartbreak of loss and the comfort of hope. The inscription on her urn reads:

'When you're feeling sad or a little blue, look around and you'll see I'm here with you. I'm the rainbow floating in the clouds above; I'm the one who filled your hearts with love.'

The third image is their beautiful newborn son, safely welcomed into their family and nestled next to the memory of his angel sister who will be a part of their lives forever. Around them both are hundreds of rainbow coloured butterflies that symbolise the birth of a 'Rainbow baby', a baby born after the loss of an infant, the tiny rainbows that appear everywhere for this family, symbolising their beautiful angel and the butterflies that were realeased at her funeral.

This story while truly heartbreaking, also is a beautiful story of human strength and love. I was deeply honoured to have been able to create this for this family.



2019 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year

2017 AIPP NSW Family Photographer of the Year