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Stories in Family Photography

©2017 Naomi Reiter Photography   |   2017 AIPP NSW Family Photographer of the Year

©2017 Naomi Reiter Photography | 2017 AIPP NSW Family Photographer of the Year


When this couple approached me for their maternity shoot they were at the tail end of their first full term pregnancy. Preceding this had been years of heartache following miscarriage after miscarriage and many unsuccessful IVF attempts. Their hopes of one day having a family of their own were becoming more and more desperate as each IVF therapy slipped through their fingers.

But they had each other and they had their beloved fur baby named Bentley who came into their lives when he was a tiny puppy. For a long while they felt perhaps the pitter patter of furry paws might be the closest they would have to a little person. I had a big responsibility here to capture their story and give them a photograph that was truly meaningful.

The morning of their shoot we chatted to confirm details and finalise a location. They wanted something different though and specifically requested NOT to shoot at the beach or anywhere that was popular...I was thrilled! They lived in inner Sydney, surrounded by a funky cafe culture, street art and colourful, rustic narrow lanes and we decided somewhere around there close to them illustrating their local environment would be absolutely perfect.


Here stands a couple who, through many years of pregnancy loss and heartache, have finally made it to 37 weeks of pregnancy with a healthy baby. They face each other, sharing a moment of quiet reflection of their rollercoaster journey and giving each other their strength, love and support.

Their beautiful loyal dog knows while he is loved, that the arrival of his human baby will push him aside and he looks away from them as they look to their unborn baby knowing his life and his place in the family is about to shift dramatically. He is still there with them but the space between them will be filled with their new baby.

The busy colour on the wall they stand in front of not only represents their local environment where they have built their lives together, it also symbolises the heartache that is now behind them. It creates a beautiful juxtaposition of the chaos on the path behind them against the peaceful moment of solidarity they share together in this image.


Photographs tell a story; they tell of family relationships, of imagination, of love, of happiness and laughter. They have the magic to stop time and preserve the precious details of a newborn and bring back memories of those no longer with us. They make us laugh and cry and bring back moments of time gone by.

Life is about experience, everything we touch and see is an experience. Come and dream with me; allow yourself to reflect your inner thoughts; to celebrate life with your family.

My work is built on a conversation and photography is my paintbrush; I love to create; a tale, a character, imagination, a moment; narrated and illustrated in a photographic art piece. Everyone has an anecdote; everyone has a uniqueness. When we pause to reflect on these we enrich our journey in life.

I create each piece bespoke to every client. Sometimes I create these from a single photograph, sometimes they are created from many photographs – every part of them is layered with meaning telling a beautiful, personal story.



Internationally awarded family photographer. 2017 AIPP NSW Family Photographer of the Year